The all-in-one citizen engagement platform

A digital platform for bottom-up communication between city residents and local governments streamlines community engagement and generates insights to make informed decisions.
cities in the CIS
ideas processed

platform functionalities

diverse communication channels
landing pages, chatbots, and groups in social media
main digital engagement formats
polls, surveys, and crowdsourcing
natural language processing
topic modeling, problems detection and classification, sentiment analysis
one-click report
socio-demographic statistics, message analysis, page visits dynamics

how it works

launch engagement campaigns
create surveys, polls, or crowdsourcing and invite citizens to discuss urban problems and report incidents
analyze ideas
define citizens' requests using AI technologies
make decisions
address key needs and challenges, prioritize urban development strategies

top projects

all-Russian touristic crowdsourcing
from Moscow to St. Petersbutg
the Russian Far East
what Krasnoyarsk wants
all Russian touristic crowdsoursing
Tourist attractiveness of a territory increases the development of local businesses and communities. It leads to economic growth and improves the quality of the urban environment. The crowdsourcing platform can capture the opinions of all parties.

what city want

A platform for collecting and analyzing citizens’ requests for architects, developers and administrations
Moscow, Bersenevskiy lane, 2 b.1, 119072, Russia
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